English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC)


2014-2015 Officers

President: Nora Barraza
Vice President: Sandra Robles
Secretary: Sara Gilbert


2014-2015 Members

Principal: Jack L. Kraemer
Teacher: Jeff Curtis
Teacher: Sylvia Torres
Instructional Aide: Maria Cevera
Parent: Patricia Enriquez
Parent: Cora Franco
Parent: Francisca Gutierrez
Parent: Carmen Rincon


Purposes of the ELAC

To provide parents of English learners the opportunity to:
1. Participate in the school’s needs assessments of students, parents and teachers.
2. Advise the principal and school staff on the school’s program for English Learners.
3. Provide input on the most effective ways to ensure regular school attendance.
4. Advise the school on the annual language census (R-30 Form).
5. Advise the School Site Council on the development of the School Improvement Plan.


ELAC Handbook – Spanish

ELAC Handbook – English